Warehouse space available today: 412-782-3670​​
Warehouse space available today: 412-782-3670​​

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We’re committed to providing the highest quality temperature-controlled storage along with exceptional customer service. For 60+ years, of which over 50 have been family owned, we have maintained the highest standards of food safety along with personalized customer service. Food protection and preservation has been our business for generations.

From local farmers and food artisans to large restaurants and manufacturing companies, we will provide the safest and most comprehensive climate-controlled storage that is necessary to meet your quality control standards. We serve the Pittsburgh community, the entire Mid-Atlantic corridor, plus we are a great stop along the coast-to-coast supply chain.


Allegheny Cold Storage will provide our customers the highest level of service and temperature-controlled solutions for their products through employee experience, dedication, pride and execution excellence.


With 80 plus years of collective employee experience in warehousing solutions and customer service, we are a seasoned and dedicated team focused on providing world-class service to our very diverse client base.

Michael Greca


Mike, a life-long resident of Pittsburgh, has been with the company since 2015 and manages all operations and decision making with regards to customers, employees, operations and finances of the company.

After spending over twenty years with the HJ Heinz Company, Mike brings valuable experience and leadership skills to the organization.

In Mike’s spare time, he enjoys golf, music, movies and spending time with family and friends.

Contact Mike at: [email protected]

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