Warehouse space available today: 412-782-3670​​
Warehouse space available today: 412-782-3670​​

Pittsburgh, PA

Steelers fans waving terrible towels

Located along the Allegheny River in Pittsburgh's historic Lawrenceville neighborhood, Allegheny Cold Storage enjoy's it's home in the city of Pittsburgh. As a convenient stop between Chicago and New York, our city's diverse heritage and down-to-earth people are welcoming.

In Pittsburghese: Welcome to Stillers Country! We’ir happy to store da chipped ham, jumbo, sahrkraht, pierogies and samwiches in dat der space. Yinz just drive da truck dahntahn Pixburgh and wear dem boots ‘cause its slippy in da warehouse. Furrill, wear a hat too so yinz don’t ketch a cold!  Yinz guys Come Chill Awt Wit’ Us! 

Pittsburghese is a blend of various immigrant languages where vowels and consonants were merged into a common dialect. It exists primarily in Western Pennsylvania, and you may hear a bit of it daun at da warehass.

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