Warehouse space available today: 412-782-3670​​
Warehouse space available today: 412-782-3670​​

Safety & Standards

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Allegheny Cold Storage is an FDA registered facility that has a proven track record of safely serving a variety of producers and suppliers. We are committed to bringing you a secure and sanitized facility providing product safety and inventory management for our customers. Our continuous goal is to provide the best supply chain solutions necessary for you to meet your company’s quality control standards.


Safety is our Number #1 priority. Allegheny Cold Storage is protecting our crew and our customer’s inventories by following all Federal CDC and Pennsylvania State guidelines pertaining to Covid-19. Specific information may be explained in advance or at the time of arrival in order to protect your staff and drivers. Please contact us if there are any questions.


Allegheny Cold Storage takes pride in our certifications with AIB and Oregon Tilth for Organic goods/services and our long time standing affiliations with the IARW and AFFI. Our food-grade warehouse features 24-hour monitored security with an ongoing sanitation/pest control program to ensure a clean and stable environment in accordance with today’s regulatory compliance requirements. We offer ambient, refrigerated and freezer storage for rack and bulk items that are AIB/Organic certified (Oregon Tilth). We are audited annually and can provide certifications upon your request.


Keeping our employees up to date on all the latest in the cold storage industry is of utmost importance. Our team receives training on our Good Manufacturing Process (GMP), Hazard Analysis (HAACP), Food Defense, Allergen Handling, Storage Training, Hazardous Chemicals Program, Organic Handling and Standard Operating Procedures (SSOPs).

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