Warehouse space available today: 412-782-3670​​
Warehouse space available today: 412-782-3670​​


Offering more than multi-temperature controlled warehousing, Allegheny Cold Storage is a service oriented company dedicated to fulfilling customer's needs. Cold and ambient storage has been our flagship services since we broke ground in 1957. Offering a full range of warehousing services for any industry requiring strict temperature-control of their product, Allegheny Cold Storage is equipped to protect the integrity of your product while it's in our care.

Cold Storage

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Allegheny Cold Storage is comprised of 3-million cubic feet of temperature-controlled storage. The cargo space can accommodate 600 pallet positions in the cooler and 6600 pallet positions in the zero degree freezer. Each space is monitored 24/7/365 by our web-based temperature monitoring program accessed through your customer portal. Safely handling your cool cargo is our priority so that your product reaches its destination exactly as you intend.

Dry Storage

Many of our customers have a variety of ambient storage needs. Shelf-stable food, non-perishable food and many non-food items are easily handled within our 1,175 pallet positions of space. Need us to pick and pack a custom load from your inventory? No problem, our experienced warehouse and dock employees work together to fulfill your order.

Forklift with dry goods

Supply Chain Services

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As an ideal location along the Mid-Atlantic supply chain, Allegheny Cold Storage is your preferred stop for cold chain services. Strategically located between the Mid-West and East Coast, we are the perfect staging location for your product. We utilize superior logistics solutions to monitor your product from the time it is en route to our warehouse until the time it reaches the preferred destination. Want to stay informed with consistent, up-to-date information about your inventory flow? Our warehouse management system portal offers real-time 24/7 access to inventory details, shipment and order status, as well as custom on-demand reports.

Warehousing Capabilities


Strategically staging products in order to reduce loading times allows for a quick turnaround on product being transferred between locations. We unload and reload trucks the same day and/or on demand.


Allow us to assemble your variety packs and re-configure your case counts and varieties. We can pick from pallets to create custom orders as your needs change to meet production or distribution mixes. All pallets are stretch wrapped to ensure road-worthiness.


Upon request, we can do a physical count and assist with inventory reconciliation. This is valuable for year end and fiscal requirements, or simply, peace of mind.


We build into our stock program any spikes in demand or as your seasonal and promo items require through our communication channels with your supply chain personnel.


We perform mock recalls regularly to test accuracy of our inventory system in the event this is needed. We track movement history from delivery to all ship dates/locations and reconcile to our inventory count.


Need products moved from freezer to cooler? No problem. We can stage per your production requirements. Communication of all movements of your product tempering will provide data to perform critical tracking and scheduling.


We have superior working relationships with many of the local and larger cross country carriers. We can recommend transportation companies relative to your requirements. Please let us know!

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